• Crispy Pizzas (15)

    Crispy Pizzas
    Knusperige Pizzen~ Freshly baked pizzas with choice of your favorite dough, special tomato sauce & quality Cheese.
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  • Crunchy Salads (6)

    Crunchy Salads
    Frische und knackige Salate~ Freshly made salads to your meal for maximum enjoyment.
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  • Tasty Noodles (4)

    Tasty Noodles
    Geschmackvolle und originale Nudeln~ We also prepare authentic Chinese Noodles for you.
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  • Soft Drinks (9)

    Soft Drinks
    Große Auswahl von alkoholfreien Getränken~ A variety of drinks to complete your order. Choose whatever you like to ...
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About Pizza Tower

The concept of "Pizza Tower” was first established in London. The founder of Pizza Tower, Mr Mehmood, a talented food researcher, carried out many years of experiments in his home kitchen to create tasty pizzas, as well as other foods, before he decided to make them on a commercial scale.

For this purpose he asked one of his friends, Mr. Naveed, a hard working food fanatic, to join him. They established Pizza Tower’s first shop in July 2006 near Wimbledon, London. The new taste became accepted by the pizza aficionado community in a very short time, even becoming popular with residents of other parts of London.

Even today Pizza Tower continues research and experimentation into tastier foods for it's customers satisfaction, through a team of food experts. Customer feedback also plays a vital role in taste development. After its success in the UK, Pizza Tower is now introducing great food to the people of Germany. The first branch is opening very soon in Germany, with more soon to follow throughout the country...

We hope you will enjoy our unique service, and that you will stay with us as we continue to expand our selection of foods.

Enjoy your meal,

Haroon Malik
Director of Marketing & Sales

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